05. Managing orders

Last Updated 2 years ago

As a serious online seller, managing customer order is the most important part. To seller advantageous, at Lokein, we provide selling manager for the benefit of our seller to manage their customer orders business efficiently.

We recommend seller to check their selling activities everyday to ensure there is no pending shipment for the orders or unanswered inquiry from buyer. There are few ways for seller to check their orders and orders to ship.
  • Go to your Selling Manager Dashboard panel where you can find all the details regarding sales, fees, sold items & orders.

  • image
  • You also can monitor new orders at the notifications board.

  • image

  • image
  • At "Orders", please click "Processing" to see new orders. It will show all the pending orders to be shipped. Buyer details, purchased details & shipping addresses are shown here as well. To view the specific order, please click on the eye icon and to add the tracking number for a specific order, please click the lorry icon as shown in the image below.

  • image

  • image

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